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2023 Linn County Pioneer Picnic RESULTS

Spelling BEE


Division 1 – (4th grade to 6th grade)

             1st – Aiden Riel, Brownsville

             2nd – Cade Foster, Albany

             3rd C.J. Valdenegro, Brownsville


Division 2 (7th grade to 12th grade)

             1st Dakota Ramshhur, Brownsville

2nd Cailah Musgrove, Halsey

3rd Hannah Travis, Brownsville


Division 3 (Adults)

             1st – Kate Looney, Albany

             2nd Stephanie Looney, Albany

             3rd – Maureen Robison, Brownsville


8 & under

             1st Oakley

             2nd Sophia

             3rd Titus



1st Anthony

            2nd Shepard

             3rd Corbon


14 & up

             1st Zac

             2nd Thomas

             3rd Joe

Horseshoe Tournament

Men’s Championship

             1st Scott Dimick-Tony Dimick

             2nd Jim Jenning – Corey

             3rd Shane Musgrove - Alexa


Women’s Championship

             1st Denielle Norris – Sarah Gilbert

             2nd Lisa Leveque – Lesanne Dunaway   


Co-Ed Championship

             1st Jake Jepson – Bree

             2nd Scott Smith – Denielle Norris

3rd Keith Cliven - Tiffany

Talent SHOW


             1st  Killian

2nd Jack

3rd Kaywood & Adelah

4th Fiona & Annabella



             1st Maureen & Denny Robison


Grand Sweepstakes

Pollyanna Club – Church Reunion

Court –

             1st 2023 Linn County Pioneer Picnic Queen and Princesses

             2nd Lebanon Strawbarians

3rd Sweet Home Sportsmans Holiday Court

Bands –

1st Central Linn High School Band

2nd One More Time Marching Band


Antique Vehicle before 1930

1st Mike & Jeanette Hammitt 1902 Dash Oldsmobile

             2nd Bob Whitfield 1929 Oakland Sedan

             3rd Laura Meckle 1927 Hot Rod


Antique Vehicle 1930-1939

1st Mike Peterson 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan


Antique Vehicle 1940-1949

             1st Denny Beaudin 1948 GMC

2nd Orie Blackwell 1940 Modified Chevy

             3rd Fred Vancurler 1940 Chevy Flatbed Hot Rod


Antique Vehicle 1950-1959

             1st Wes Meckle 1957 Chevy Convertible

             2nd Dayle Langley 1955 Studebaker Pickup Blue

3RD Rob Wingren


Antique Vehicle 1960-1969

             1st Tom Jeffries 1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

             2nd Cari Northern 1964 Ford Ranchero

             3rd Jason Nofziger 1969 Chevy K20


Antique Vehicle 1970-1989

             1st Bill Loucks 1978 blue Camero

2nd Carter Zollinger grey 1989 Pontiac Firebird

3rd Shawn Smith 1985 black Jeep CJ7


Antique Vehicle 1990-After

             1st Roger Tetamore 1990 Mazda w/tongue, teeth & eyelashes

             2nd Donnie McFarlin Spike 2019 Chevy Trailbloss



             1st Jeff Meek – WWI US Military History

             2nd Warren Williamson – Tribute to Fallen Soldiers and Memorial Flame


             1st Central Valley Church “Go Fish”

 2nd  Tom McLain “Pioneer Picnic Games in the Park”

3rd Central Linn Youth Sports - CLRA


Fire Engines

             1st Michael McClery – TSI Water Truck

2nd Halsey-Shedd RFPD Heavy Brush SI

3rd Brownsville Fire Engine 62


Antique Fire Engines

             1st Brownsville Fire Dept 1923 Model T Firetruck


Farm Equipment

             1st J&R Mowina –red, white and blue John Deere


Antique Farm Equipment

1st Wayne Grant – 1954 John Deere R

2nd Greyson Tenbusch – 1948 John Deere D

3rd Dalton Tenbusch – 1946 John Deere A


Horse Entries

             1st Pioneer Stables – 15 riders

             2nd Dog and Pony Show

             3rd Team Hasenyager


Division I Clubs – Church – Businesses - Displays

             1st Brownsville Christian Church

2nd Living Rock Studio

3rd Roome Telecommunication in Halsey


Division II – Arrangements and Bouquets – with or without accessories

4th of July

1st Judy Whitfield

2nd Carol Humphrey

3rd Julie Reed

Symphony of Colors

             1st Joyce Nelson

             2nd Julie Reed

3rd Penny Mackey

Splendor in the Grass

             1st Julie Reed

             2nd Chris Hunt

             3rd Judy Whitfield

My New Hat

             1st Julie Reed

             2nd Terry Marchbanks

             3rd Jan Goranson

For the Roses

             1st Julie Reed

             2nd May Hawthorn

             3rd Cindy Stucky

Anything Goes

             1st Joyce Nelson

             2nd Jill Hauptman

             3rd Julie Reed


Division III Mens – Any Age


             1st SteveWallace

             2nd Brock Melero


Division IV PeeWee – 8 years and under

Toy Story

1st Josie Bryant

Animal Container

             1st Cassidy Goff

Anything Goes

             1st Cassidy Goff

             2nd Paisley Cone

Grandma’s House

             1st Stevie Bryant

             2nd Riley Cone


Division V Juniors – ages 9-17

Take a Sip Favorite Beverage Container

             1st Brady Goff

2nd Wes Goff

Favorite Game

             1st Wes Goff


Division VI Potted Plants- Indoor Flowering

             1st Penny Mockey

Potted Plants- Outdoor Flowering

             1st Cindy Stucky

             2nd Cindy Stucky

3rd Mary Cannady  


Division VII Roses

No Name –

             1st Carol Humphries

             2nd Cindy Stucky

             3rd May Hawthorn

Named Rose –

             1st Marylou Neher

             2nd Mary


             1st Elia Rybolt

             2nd Carol Humphreys

             3rd Cindy Stucky

Mini Roses

             1st Carol Humphreys

             2nd Carol Humphreys

             3rd Joyce Nelson


             1st Amanda Bryant

             2nd Nettie Reed


             1st Jan Schilling

             2nd Julie Reed

             3rd Elia Rybolt

 Pioneer Dam Run

Top Male 10 K

Branson Barlett

10 K Male 1-19

1. Grant Kraminer

10 K Male 30-39

1. Branson Barlett

10 K Male 50-59

1. Mark Page-Botelho

2. Eric Gerber

Top Female 10 K

Laura Stuart

10 K Female 20-29

1. Katie Cox

2. Hillary Buer

10 K  Female 30-39

1. Susie Fong

2. Kacie Wahl

3. Brittney Coursey

10 K  Female 40-49

1. Michelle Gregson

2. Leesa Helms

3. Heather Sitton

Top Male 5 K

Jackson Duringer

5 K  Male 1-19

1. Jackson Duringer

2. Leif Erickson

3. Wesley Goff

5 K Male 20-29

1. Armando DeLa Cruz

5 K Male 30-39

1. Camerson Eberhart

2. Cole Eberhart

3. Joseph Miller

5 K Male 40-49

1. Casey Lester

2. Robert Cunningham III

3. Josh Erickson

5 K Male 50=-59

1. Peter Hansen

5 K Male 60-69

1. Tom Nash

2. Rob Gieszler

3. Randy Spalding

5 K Male 70-79

1. Tom Dentel

Top Female 5 K

Daisy Lalonde

5 K Female 1-19

1.Daisy Lalonde

2. Katja Griffith

3. Morgan Lalonde

5 K Female 20-29

1. Elizabeth Contreras

2. Rachel Bliege

3. Lindsey McDowell

5 K Female 30-39

1. Shirree Eberhart

2. Casissa Kinder

3. Brye Lester

5 K Female 40-49

1. Jennifer Duringer

2. Amy Bliege

3. Wendy Cunningham

5 K Female 50-59

1. Terri Burr

2. Joyce Nelsen

3. Julie Reed

5 K Female 60-69

1. Denise Nash

2. Tammy Dentel

3. Nancy Webb

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