Ed Putman

2019 Grand Marshall

Edward C Putman was born in 1919, in Brownsville Oregon in a midwife’s home, which still stands today. The Putman Family was one of the pioneer families to arrive and settle in Brownsville in 1847, David and Donald Putman being the earliest known to settle in these parts. Bill Putman, Ed’s grandfather, owned a 320 acre farm north of Brownsville and his son Troy Putman was Ed’s father. Ed grew up Brownsville and attended school through the 9th grade. He started work at a young age alongside his dad, logging old school style with a 2 ended 7 foot saw! Later, he quit school to work with his dad Troy at Thompsons Mill in Shedd. Troy helped run the water wheel at the flour mill. Later Ed began working in Albany at the M&M Plywood Mill. He went on to drive for Cummings Transfer and Ryals Truck Service. Next Mr. Putman drove for Blitz Weinhard in Albany for many years retiring in May 1980.

Mr. Putman started his family here also; marrying Norma Harrison and having 3 children (Dick, Brenda and Russ) and then moving to Albany in 1940. They suffered an unmeasurable loss when Norma was taken by cancer in 1955. The family was blended when Ed married Jean Eller and adopted her 2 children (Gary and Linda). A year later came one more child, another daughter (Pam). The family moved to North Albany in 1958, where he enjoyed gardening and landscaping their property. About this time he also began his hobby of many years, woodworking. Mr. Putman created dozens of rocking chairs for children, tables, chairs, shelves and numerous other items happily working out in his shop.

In December 1993, Ed and Jean moved back to Brownsville where they have enjoyed the loving community and given many hours loving it right back! Ed has volunteered to mow and maintain grounds at the Moyer House, to clean and mow the grounds of the Brownsville Cemetery and often helps neighbors and friends in need. He has also helped as a town historian with the Brownsville Museum, as he can recall events and dates that may have not been recorded well. Ed is also proud of his 1931 Model

A Ford Coup which he and his boys restored. The car was found in “rough shape” in the Eugene area. This restored car was sometimes brought to the museum and then Ed would give tours in his Model A.

Ed and Jean live in their home where he continues to mow and maintain their acre of property and both are looking forward to another garden this year! At 91 years, Ed was diagnosed with CHF and was forced to retire from rototilling. Ed recently turned 100 years old and his wife Jean celebrated her 90th Birthday February 9th of this year. Ed and Jean have been side by side for 62 years, taking care of the household of 8 and gardening and canning for endless hours! Ed has 6 children, 11 grandchildren,19 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Anyone that knows Ed knows he has a huge heart, that he loves to give and he loves to hug! He says, “to live a good healthy long life, eat honey every day and keep moving!”

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